After a successful term of service as officer in the British Army that he still prides himself on, Irishman McCallum took over the Constable’s office in Heaven’s Hope to find some peace. His wish, however, was not fulfilled at first as McCallum had his hands full to enforce his idea of law and order upon the diverse population. Therefore, he was more than thankful when Greta came into town, established the rules of the Inquisition and asked McCallum to ensure their adherence. The constable indeed complies dutifully with the instructions of the Inquisitress at any moment, even when he may be of a different opinion sometimes. Despite his hard shell and his fondness not only for threatening appearances but also for brutal methods of torture, if it serves the cause, McCallum has a soft core, however – which he eventually hopes to discover within Greta as well.


Bill was deeply ingrained in the American South and its culture as a son from a family of cotton farmers in Tennessee, until his wife Stacey lost her life in the first quarrels of the nascent Civil War. Horrified, that this America was no longer the land of unlimited possibilities which he loved, Bill moved to England to take over the abandoned farm of Stacey’s family. However, although Bill still feels close to his wife in Heaven’s Hope now, he can only disapprove of the Inquisition ruling there as a libertarian American. When Talorel finally turns up, Bill mistrusts him at first, because he takes him for a spy of the Inquisition, but later grumbling becomes a mentor who tries to support our hero in a friendly, almost fatherly way. Yet, he has lost too much already to risk an open conflict with the Inquisition.




Talorel is the main character controlled by the player in “Heaven’s Hope”. At the beginning of the tale he has to pass only one final exam as student of the Heavenly Academy which would turn him from a candidate into a real angel. For that he has to compete against the team of his archenemy Umorel with his friends and ‘wingmen’ Myriel and Azael. When Umorel taunts Talorel’s flying skills, our hero, as is often the case, reacts impulsively and dares to perform a dangerous exercise close to the Heavenly Barrier. There, however, Talorel is suddenly hit by an unknown flying object and crashes on earth which he now wants to leave again as soon as possible. Not only to be back in time for the final exam but also because everything a light being cannot stand is present here: Darkness, unfamiliar phenomena like spatiality and gravity – and even that awkward matter! Not to mention all the odd creatures Talorel has to interact with unavoidably to finally being able to fly again.